Cost effective marketing for small businesses

If you create the right game plan, then guerrilla marketing will be extremely fun as most of the time you will get the results without having to spend much money.

Sounds great.

First of all let’s see what we have out there to start our guerilla marketing campaigns. Social media can help you be there. Social media is indeed a phenomenon in the 21st century connecting billions of people around the world through a series of status updates tweets and other rich media in the business world.

Social media are powerful tool !

It’s a powerful tool and if you haven’t started fully utilized in it it is time to do so. You can start with Facebook. Create a company page and invite your friends and family to like the page and then use those numbers as leverage to gain some credibility with outsiders.

Then get Twitter and follow follow follow. Don’t be annoying but use the search feature to find people within your nish and tweet them making pleasant but relevant conversation. Once you have these outlets push as much rich media out as you can. Whether it’s photos of where you work the ideas of a typical day on the job or witty tweets and status updates share their updates to. 

Don’t forget about Linked-In. It’s the most powerful social networking sites on the planet. As for your business the Linked-In groups feature is probably the most powerful ways to get more exposure more leads and more sales. Don’t have a group yet. Start today.

Google Hangouts webinars are huge

Next to is hosting weapon platforms. Although most services just cost a small monthly fee there are some that are free and others you could start us with a free trial for a month. Like kids go to work an hour or Google Hangouts webinars are huge. They are like events but online and they are the easiest way to connect with your audience.

Build your list and generate more sales. Simply host your own retina where you can connect with people live from around the world. Share your data on social media platforms next one events meetup dot com or Eventbrite can help you with it. Meetup is the worlds largest network of local groups meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face to face more than 9000 groups get together in local communities each day each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.


Meetup is a quiet place to find local events and post and promote your events. You will find both personal and professional events pasted on Meet Up event brides help you perform ticketing for events and also deals with both personal and professional events. It’s great for one time ticketed events or events with a special guest list. The main difference between meet up and each event brides is community.

Meetup has a very large active community of visas that you can leverage all that you can promote via event brides matter to promotion takes place on other social networks as opposed to within the network of users meetup works great for free events and no doubt if price can be used for free events Eventbrite specializes in ticketing and ticket sales.

So run your own events and use these tools for local Verla marketing and obviously create a you keep accounts. If you have a G-mail account you should probably already have a youtube account. As you can lock in with your email. Remember it’s the second largest search engine Yuichi processes more than three billion searches among a hundred hours of video uploaded every minute.

YouTube is your best friend

YouTube is your friend in guerilla marketing companies always want to find new ways to promote their brands and products but they are usually too afraid to go too far outside the box. What they don’t realize though is that there are unconventional ways that they can make use of to promote their businesses without much risk involved.

Not every marketing strategy will work for every company but there is always something that you cando to bring in new customers. It’s just a matter of knowing what your company goals are and then implement the marketing strategies so that they help you achieve those goals. So know your tools let’s not discover some strategies to promote your business with this type of marketing tips to share with you have been proven to work for companies both big and small.

Make sure you and your employees are loud and proud and you will definitely get the attention of anyone within ear shot of you. If you have a flower company you could have a fake protest against bad  and show anyone who comes by exactly what Whiteley’s look and smell like.

This will let them sample your products and you will often get a lot of people to come through your doors who might have otherwise not even known that you existed. Second string some coupons on trees hanging coupons outside of businesses is a new marketing technique but it is something that is sure to get the attention of anyone who walks in front of your doors. People respond when they see something out of the ordinary and they definitely respond when they see a chance to save money.

A great thing about hanging coupons outside of your business is that you can see through your own eyes which coupons interest people and which ones dont. This can help lead to better market your company both online and through mail. Start a friendly fight with the creation of social networks.

Businesses are realizing that they have to use these mediums in every way that they can to help spread the word about their companies. A friendly fight is when you end up the company battle it out through the use of social networking and other mediums by having the public vote on who has the better products. This won’t harm your business whether it would help people to cast their vote judiciously.

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